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SIZE: 48 pcs

24 Three Hair Color 120 ml
24 Culto Hair Color 160 ml
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SIZE: 120 ml
          THREE COLOR
Mix 1 + 1
               PERMANENT HAIR DYE
RECOMMENDED FOR: Sensitive, weak, and dehydrated hair.
“THREE Colore” is a permanent coloring cream formulated to guaranteed to be long-lasting and not fade. The tea tree essential oil provides a protective and mild process. It covers 100% of gray hair and gives a natural, long-lasting result. Overall it is easy to use and respects the hair, thanks to its high-quality tri-chological ingredients. Even the most damaged hair becomes soft and brilliant. It is also has a low ammonia content.
Enriched with: Tea tree oil
SIZE: 60 ml
                 CULTO Mix 1 + 2
RECOMMENDED FOR: Any hair type.
A color that meets the expectations of the most demanding hairdressers. Delicate on the hair, and guarantees a better hold of color in time. The absence of ammonia makes the hairdresser’s approach extremely pleasant for the customer and ensures better health in the beauty salon, without annoying inhalations! The hair structure is protected and reinforced thanks to the keratin, which gives hair greater compactness and tensile strength, this means greater softness and smoothness at the touch.
Enrich with: Keratin

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Weight 0.253605 lbs

120ml / 4,056 floz




It excellently covers Grey hair Bleaching power up to 5 tones


(THREE) 1B-Blue Black, (THREE) 1-Black, (THREE) 3-Dark Brown, (THREE) 4-Brown, (THREE) 5-Light Brown, (THREE) 6-Dark Blonde, (THREE) 7-Blonde, (THREE) 8-Light Blonde, (THREE) 9-Very Light Blonde, (THREE) 10-Extra Light Blonde, (THREE) 900-Natural Super Lightener, (THREE) 901-Ash Super Lightener, (THREE) 903-Golden Super Lightener, (THREE) Booster-Super Lightener Activator, (THREE) 12.00-Natural Platinum, (THREE) 12.01-Ash Platinum, (THREE) 12.33-Extra Golden Platinum, (THREE) 12.91-Ash Pearl Platinum, (THREE) 4.1-Ash Brown, (THREE) 5.1-Light Ash Brown, (THREE) 6.1-Dark Ash Blonde, (THREE) 7.1-Ash Blonde, (THREE) 8.1-Light Ash Blonde, (THREE) 9.1-Very Light Ash Blonde, (THREE) 10.1-Extra Light Ash Blonde, (THREE) 6.31-Dark Sand, (THREE) 7.31-Medium Sand, (THREE) 8.31-Light Sand, (THREE) 9.31-Very Light Sand, (THREE) 4.3-Golden Brown, (THREE) 5.3-Light Golden Brown, (THREE) 6.3-Dark Golden Blonde, (THREE) 7.3-Golden Blonde, (THREE) 8.3-Light Golden Blonde, (THREE) 9.3-Very Light Golden Blonde, (THREE) 4.4-Copper Brown, (THREE) 5.4-Light Copper Brown, (THREE) 6.4-Dark Copper Blonde, (THREE) 7.4-Copper Blonde, (THREE) 8.4-Light Copper Blonde, (THREE) 9.4-Very Light Copper Blonde, (THREE) 6.43-Dark Copper Golden Blonde, (THREE) 7.43-Copper Golden Blonde, (THREE) 8.43-Light Copper Golden Blonde, (THREE) 9.43-Very Light Copper Golden Blonde, (THREE) 4.5-Mahogany Brown, (THREE) 5.5-Light Mahogany Brown, (THREE) 6.5-Dark Mahogany Blonde, (THREE) 7.5-Mahogany Blonde, (THREE) 8.5-Light Mahogany Blonde, (THREE) 9.5-Very Light Mahogany Blonde, (THREE) 6.66-Dark Deep Red Blonde, (THREE) 7.66-Deep Red Blonde, (THREE) 8.66-Light Deep Red Blonde, (THREE) 9.66-Very Light Deep Red Blonde, (THREE) 1.2-Violet Black, (THREE) 4.2-Violet Brown, (THREE) 5.2-Violet Light Brown, (THREE) 6.2-Violet Dark Blonde, (THREE) 7.2-Violet Blonde, (THREE) 4.34-Chestnut, (THREE) 6.34-Raisin, (THREE) 7.34-Cannamon, (THREE) 7.32-tobacco, (THREE) Biondo Svedese-Swedish Blonde, (THREE) 4.032-Dark Chocolate, (THREE) 5.032-Medium Chocolate, (THREE) 6.032-Light Chocolate, (THREE) 8.37-Brandy, (THREE) 6.62-Cherry, (THREE) Cenere-Ash, (THREE) Blu-Blue, (THREE) Rosso Extra-Extra Red, (THREE) Giallo-Yellow, (THREE) Argento-Silver, (THREE) Perla-Pearl, (CULTO) 1B-BLUE BLACK, (CULTO) 1-BLACK, (CULTO) 3-DARK BROWN, (CULTO) 4-BROWN, (CULTO) 5-LIGHT BROWN, (CULTO) 6-DARK BLONDE, (CULTO) 7-BLOND, (CULTO) 8-LIGHT BLOND, (CULTO) 9-VERY LIGHT BLONDE, (CULTO) 10-EXTRA LIGHT BLONDE, (CULTO) 11.00-NATURAL SUPER LIGHTENER, (CULTO) 11.01-ASH SUPER LIGHTENER, (CULTO) 11.33-DEEP GOLDEN SUPER LIGHTENER, (CULTO) BOOSTER- SUPER LIGHTENER ACTIVATOR, (CULTO) 5.31 DARK SAND, (CULTO) 6.31-SAND, (CULTO) 7.31-MEDIUM SAND, (CULTO) 8.31-LIGHT SAND, (CULTO) 9.31-VERY LIGHT SAND, (CULTO) 5.3-LIGHT GOLDEN BROWN, (CULTO) 6.3-DARK GOLDEN BLONDE, (CULTO) 7.3-GOLDEN BLONDE, (CULTO) 8.3-LIGHT GOLDEN BLONDE, (CULTO) 9.3-VERY LIGHT GOLDEN BLONDE, (CULTO) 5.1-LIGHT ASH BROWN, (CULTO) 6.1-DARK ASH BLONDE, (CULTO) 7.1-ASH BLONDE, (CULTO) 8.1-LIGHT ASH BLONDE, (CULTO) 9.1-VERY LIGHT ASH BLONDE, (CULTO) 10.1-EXTRA LIGHT ASH BLONDE, (CULTO) 1.2-VIOLENT BLACK, (CULTO) 5.2-VIOLET LIGHT BROWN, (CULTO) 7.2-VIOLET BLONDE, (CULTO) 4.66-DEEP RED BLONDE, (CULTO) 5.66-DEEP LIGHT RED BLONDE, (CULTO) 6.66-DARK DEEP RED BLONDE, (CULTO) 7.66-DEEP RED BLONDE, (CULTO) 8.66-LIGHT DEEP RED BLONDE, (CULTO) 5.44-DEEP LIGHT COPPER BROWN, (CULTO) 6.44-DEEP DARK COPPER BLONDE, (CULTO) 7.44 DEEP-COPPER BLONDE, (CULTO) 8.44-DEEP LIGHT COPPER BLONDE, (CULTO) 7.32-TOBACCO, (CULTO) 8.32-LIGHT TOBACCO, (CULTO) 4.032-DARK CHOCOLATE, (CULTO) 5.032-MEDIUM CHOCOLATE, (CULTO) 6.032-LIGHT CHOCOLATE, (CULTO) 7.032-CAPPUCCINO, (CULTO) FUCSIA-FUCHSIA, (CULTO) 4.26-PLUM, (CULTO) PERLA-PEARL, (CULTO) 000-NEUTRAL, (CULTO) GIALLO-YELLOW, (CULTO) BLU- BLUE, (CULTO) EXTRA ROSSO-EXTRA RED


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